Subtle Effortless Chic

Hi loves,

What do you all think about a little fashionista insight for this awesome Tuesday? That sounds good to me. So well, let’s dive in.

Here is a peak at one of my favorite looks, reconstructed for a less formal occasion. I am a big fan of formal-wear kind of “office-y”, and I wanted to keep that touch without overdressing it, and just trying to tone it down a bit. That’s why I opted for a pair of ripped white jeans!


And that grid mesh bodysuit? Simply gorgeous. It just elevates the whole outfit. Then I threw a peachy-nude boyfriend blazer to bring everything together.


Below are a couple of the pieces from my outfit (or similar versions):

Tell me what you think, what’s you go to look? Comment below, like, share, do it all 😜💋

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Love you all.