“Happiness is the joy that we feel when we’re striving after our potential.”


Material possessions are vain, but the gift of happiness is priceless! It is not that the path toward happiness is complicated, it may just be that it is unknown to many. As I am writing this post, I cannot say with absolute confidence that I am at my happiest, but for sure I am way happier than I used to be, and because I know that I have better years ahead of me, the journey is still on toward reaching my optimal happy place. And I want you to feel the same way: the journey is still on. All we gotta do is take some of the simplest steps every day that will better our lives, and make us happier!

Les biens matériels sont éphémères, et le bonheur n’a pas de prix. On serait tenté de croire que le chemin qui mène au bonheur est tout juste compliqué, mais ce n’est pas le cas; il se pourrait juste qu’il soit peu connu. A l’instant ou j’écris cet article, je ne pourrais affirmer avec assurance absolue que je vis le bonheur ultime, mais je peux certainement dire que je suis plus heureuse aujourd’hui que je ne l’étais au paravant. Aussi, parce que je sais que de meilleures années m’attendent devant, je n’ai pas fini d’explorer et d’avancer un peu plus chaque jour vers ce niveau où je vivrais dans le bonheur ultime. Et j’aimerais que vous ayez aussi cet état d’esprit. La seule chose à faire est de chaque jour suivre ces étapes des plus simples, afin de mieux vivre et d’être plus heureux!




1. Make the choice to be happy | Choisis d’être heureux(se)


Turn your happiness switch on! Decide with firmness that it’s time for you to be happy!

Active l’interrupteur de ton bonheur. Decide avec fermeté qu’il est temps pour toi d’être heureux(se)

2. Create a vision for your life| Crée une vision pour ta vie

Find an area of interest and create a great vision, dream, or goal around it that you greatly wish to achieve. Simply complete this sentence and make it a statement: “I will be happier if I …”. Once you figure out what makes you happy, DO IT!

Screen Shot 2017-02-24 at 3.44.37 PM.png

Identifie un domaine qui t’intéresse particulièrement et crée une vision, un rêve ou un objectif  autour de celui-ci. Pour y arriver, complète juste cette phrase et fais-en un mot d’ordre dans ta vie: “Je serais plus heureux(se) Si Je…” . Une fois que tu trouves ce qui te rend (ou te rendrait) heureux(se), FASI-LE!

3. Learn how to deal with frustration | Apprends à faire face à la frustration 

Screen Shot 2017-02-24 at 3.51.51 PM.png

Life will not always be rainbows and butterflies, that’s just a fact! The sooner you acknowledge this reality, the better it will be for you. Because when you start realizing that, you become aware that along the way you will experience set backs, unexpected miss-outs, and all kinds of situations beyond your control…and they will trigger frustration. Do not focus on that negative feeling, acknowledge it, embrace it, identify what causes you to feel frustrated and fix it! Fixing it is not just making adjustments here and there, sometimes fixing is letting go.

La vie ne sera pas toujours rose, c’et un fait! Plus tôt tu accepteras cette réalité, mieux ce sera pour toi. En effet, dès l’instant ou tu commences à le réaliser, tu appréhenderas  mieux le fait que tu feras face à des obstacles, des loupés et toutes autres sortes de situations imprévues qui te causeront un certain niveau de frustration. Ne te fixe pas sur cette émotion négative! Plutôt, accepte-la, embrasse-la et identifie ce qui cause ce sentiment de frustration en toi et remédies-y! Il ne s’agit pas là juste de changer certains paramètres, parfois “y remédier” signifier tourner la page!

4. Enjoy the simple pleasures in life | Apprécie les petits plaisirs de la vie 


Laugh, smile, dance, sing…enjoy them all!

5. Invest on your wellness | Investis dans ton bien-être



Eat well!


Escape and relax!


Make your happiness your priority, not only will you serve you, but it will also spill over the people around you! See you soon for more!

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One last thing: BE HAPPY!



Neutral Color-blocking

Hey loves! Is it Christmas yet? Ho-ho-ho… Merry Christmas 🎄🎄🎄

To wish you all a wonderful Christmas, I decided to share with you my look of the day: a tasteful nude overlay, with a camel and black color-blocked waterfall jacket.

I was looking for a way to style my newly acquired faux leather midi skirt for a family outing in the city. After careful consideration (lol, I sound like I’m writing a super formal report omg! ), I decided to go for something monochromatic. So I paired the skirt with a nude turtleneck…


And then tried out a long-line coat. But I hated the complete look with that beige trench coat. So, instead I threw in my favorite piece of the whole look: My oh so awesome statement jacket.


To carry along with the the color-block theme, I decided to complete the look with black sheer tights, my go-to Black and gold booties for a nice glam-touch and a matching black and gold purse.


There is something bold and assertive about thick black stripes, that just elevated the whole outfit! So to spice it all up, I added a cool dome hat. Put on my Versace sunnies…and off we went!


For some, minimalist fashion is a bit too cold, as it tends to lack rich tones! But quite frankly, this neutral look definitely brought a lot of warmth to my day, and I looooooved it! I hope you did too.

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Have a blissful Christmas celebration, and happy holidays! 🎄🎄🎄💫