Hi Loves! Last month, my sweet baby C.J turned ONE! Yes!!! Given our busy schedules and all the stuff we were dealing with, his dad and I decided to wait until late February to throw him a decent first birthday party, which actually happened to be a combined party for him and his dad, since dad is a member of the  #FebruaryGang lol.

Well, on Sunday mama took matters in her own hands and played “Event planner”. Actually, she started way before Sunday!

Screen Shot 2017-03-06 at 11.53.14 PM.png

Since we were celebrating the men in my life, I picked a theme centered on “Gentlemen”, because that’s just what they are: my gentlemen!

What comes in mind when you think about gentlemen? Well I see: helper, kind, polite, elegant, clean, bow tie, polished, mustache, etc

Screen Shot 2017-03-01 at 1.22.19 PM.png

With that in mind, I went ahead and researched budget friendly decorations and accessories with a Black/Gold color scheme to give the whole party decor a touch of sophistication.

Here’s what I used:

As for the highlight of any kids party, I am talking about the cake, I had the pleasure to work along side Mrs Darcy Lynn from Cakes by Darcy, a super cute bakery nestled in the heart of Roswell. The ordering process was super smooth, and I was so happy to FINALLY find someone who understood my vision instantly without asking me thousands of questions lol! Also, they helped me greatly price-wise, which was a plus, given that the budget was not unlimited!



And Oh?! Did I mention that she loved my design so much that she actually made it a template?? I was so honored!


As you can see, the cake is kinda tying the whole theme together, marrying the black/gold color scheme with the gentlemen theme. And here is a sneak peek at the party!
Be mindful that It might get you hungry!
















A word of advice, make sure you plan some good entertainment for the kids to stay busy and active. For us, CJ’s ball pit did the trick…until they all crashed into his room ahaha!


I hope you loved it, thank you for reading!

Please leave me your feedback below and few design ideas.


Also I’m curious to know? what was the theme on your child’s first birthday? did you include any games and other entertainment?









Throwback to:  1st Miami Experience

Hey guys!
So today, I was kind of in a “discovery mood”, craving some traveling adventure…which lead me to write a little something from our bae-cation from 2014 in Miami [yes! that was before the baby].

Overall, I can say that the whole trip was great. We went there in late November, so it wasn’t too hot, plus it  wasn’t overly crowded either.


We had an impeccable stay at the Breakwater Hotel [website] . The location couldn’t be any more perfect: right on Ocean Drive, in the heart of South Beach’s night life? How do you top that…really? Bottom-line, it was centrally located, just minutes away from restaurants, bars, lounges, and of course the beach was steps away. The only downfall to that, however, is that you could hear glimpse of the ongoing partying near by (but it was not a deal-breaker either).


Our room was overlooking the pool and lounge area downstairs, which was a plus.


Despite the friendly staff, super convenient location, and endless fun, we didn’t really get to enjoy a top-of the line dinner meal. Let’s just say we didn’t know well, or maybe we were us not being fortunate enough in that area. Nevertheless, the entertainment was amazing. Spent the first evening in the restaurant downstairs  on the terrace , which I forgot the name, sorry. And we enjoyed fine wine, and live entertainment (dancers) with the cooling breeze from the beach!.


Elevator chronicles…stepping out in style



Lovey-dovey cuddle session

The next morning, we were treated to a complementary breakfast buffet, which I thought was pretty nice.

The highlight, as always, was just the view, the open terrace feeling overlooking Ocean Drive… Priceless! And the food was great too, at least we got that one right.


And that’s babe, looking fly on his vacation behavior 😌 😍


Fast forward… THE BEACH!! Yeah… Nice, nice and nice again! I don’t think I need to add any comments on that section really. Who doesn’t love long walks at the beach, in great company. The sand on your toes, the sun kissing your skin, and your babe holding your hand? Sign me in!


And of course, I made some friends…crazy ones! lol Gotta do it again.


I hope y’all enjoyed traveling with us. Stay tuned for more. And if you haven’t done so yet, subscribe now. One more thing, don’t forget to leave your feedback (likes, comments, shares, anything)  💋 💋 💋