Coucou Mes amours. Alors, aujourd’hui je partage avec vous ma session de soins de visages que j’ai réalisée il y a quelques jours, en utilisant ces masques à base d’or et de collagen. Pour être super brève, je vai resumer le procédé en 3 étapes majeures.

Hey loves, so today I share with you the step-by step facial that I did a couple of days ago, highlighting  these exquisite  Gold Collagen Face Masks.So, basically it is a 3 step process

Step 1: Prepping the Skin (Préparer la peau)

Dans cette étape, j’ai commencé par en quelque sorte “ouvrir” mes pores avec l’aide d’un vaporisateur facial. Si vous n’en avez pas, pas de souci une serviette chaude appliquée sur le visage pendant quelque minutes aura l’effet similaire. Juste que le vaporisateur procure également un effet “sauna” que j’affectionne énormément.

In this step, I started off by pretty much opening up my pores using a facial steamer. But if you don’t have one, no worries; applying a hot towel for few minutes on your face will have a similar effect! The one thing tho is that the steamer gives kind of a sauna sensation that I really enjoy!

Une fois, la phase de vaporisation complète, je procède au nettoyage de ma peau. Ici j’utilise ce gel purifiant de chez Neutrogena. Assez doux, odeur minimale, et rendu impeccable! Pour un nettoyage en profondeur, j’opte TOUJOURS pour une brosse faciale electrique, les filles je vous assure c’est un MUST! L’avantage de cette brosse, je trouve est que le nettoyage est assez doux, et la brosse ayant elle meme une texture spongieuse, elle laisse un effet velouté.

Once the steaming phase complete, I go ahead and clean my face. Here I am using a purifying gel from Neutrogena. Its a pretty gentle one, with a mild scent and a fantastic outcome after use. For a deep clean, I always couple it with an electric cleaning brush, and quite frankly girrrrls I am telling you, it is a MUST! The main advantage I think, is that the cleaning, although deep and thorough,  is pretty gentle and leaves a velvety feeling. 

La dernière phase de cette etape est bien sur l’exfoliation du visage (ici avec le gommage de chez Neutrogena dans la meme collection que le nettoyant). Cette phase est indispensable car en plus de renforcer le nettoyage, elle permet de ce debarrasser des cellules mortes afin de reveler une peau plus fraiche et radieuse!

The last step of course is the exfoliation, done here using the scrub from the same Neutrogena collection that the cleansing gel.This step is essential given that it helps get rid of dead skin cells, which in turns reveals a brighter and fresher skin.


Step 2: Mask Application (l’Application du Masque)

Selon les instructions du fabriquant, un rendu optimal peut être atteint en refrigerant le masque au préalable 5 à 10 minutes avant l’application. Et je vous avoue que l’effet est tellement rafraîchissant! En fait, les ingrédients majeurs qui constituent ce masque, notamment le collagène et l’acide hyaluronique, agissent en profondeur pour regenerer et reparer la peau, en stimulant la production de nouvelles cellules, tout en  minimisant l’apparence des pores et en ravivant l’eclat de la peau. Concernant l’application même, garder le masque pendant 20 a 30 minutes, puis rincer la peau et la secher avec douceur, avant de passer à la dernière étape qui est l’hydratation.

According to the manufacturer’s instructions, for optimal results, it is best to refrigerate the mask for about 5-10 minutes before use. The effect afterwards is truly refreshing. As a matter of fact, its all thank’s to key ingredients: the collagen and hyaluronic acid regenerate help rejuvenate and repair the skin, by removing dead skin cells, minimizing the appearance of pores and brightening the skin’s complexion.



Step 3: Hydrating the skin (Hydratation de la peau)

Dans cette étape, il est tout simplement question de sceller tous les bienfait du masque pour une longue tenue. Je commence généralement par l’application à l’aide d’un coton, de la lotion tonifiante à base d’extraits d’arbre à thé. L’utilisation de cette dernière est vivement recommandée car elle permet de rétablir le pH de la peau. Ensuite j’applique quelques goutes de mon serum cheri aux extraits de miel, pour clôturer avec ma crème hydratante préférée de chez St Ives: onctueuse, naturelle et fraîche, un délice pour ma peau!

In this final step, it is all about locking all the benefits of the mask for a longer wear. For the matter, I usually start of with the application of a toner (here I am using a Tea tree extracts based one) using coton pad to help regenerate the skin’s pH.  Then, I follow with my honey based serum, just to top it all of with my all time favorite moisturizer from St Ives. This moisturizer is everything good: unctuous, natural and fresh… so much so that I can only love it, a real delight for my skin!

Et puis VOILÀ!!

Pour mes lectrices du Gabon, la brosse nettoyante et les masques sont en vente sur la page Facebook de Stylish Glam

J’espere que cet article vous a plu! N’hesitez pas a me laisser vos impressions et suggestion, et surtout partagez au maximum!!!






Black hair has been an integral feature of black history – from African tribal styles to dreadlocks and the afro. (Read more about the cultural meaning of Hair in Blackness here )

Coucou mes Amours! Alors aujourd’hui on parle beauté. Et pour l’occasion je vous présente ma nouvelle tête: je me la suis faite 100% Africaine, avec mes tresses! Je ne sais pas si c’est la nostalgie du pays, ou un désir de distinction…ou juste un moyen stylé et facile de ne pas avoir a me coiffer chaque matin ahah! Bref, suivez-moi au travers de ces quelques étapes pour en savoir tout sur le procédé que j ai utilisé. Car devrais-je préciser mes cheveux sont 100% naturels et je me coiffe toute seule. Allez, c’est parti!

Hey loves! Today, we are talking beauty, and I its my pleasure to reveal to you my new hairstyle: I treated myself to a pure African crown with my braids! I am wondering why I picked this specific hairstyle tho, don’t know if it’s because I have been very homesick lately, or a need for something that stands out…or probably just a great alternative to having to style my fro on a daily basis. Anyway, just stick around and follow my step-by step process…Should I mention I am a naturalista, and I pretty much did everything on my own. Alright, let’s dive in!

STEP1: Prepare Your Hair

  • I started by soaking my hair in hot coconut oil for a good 15 minutes
  • Using my favorite Sulfate-free Shampoo by Creme of Nature, I gave my hair a good cleaning
  • Then I conditioned it with what I call my goodness in a jar: the Shea Moisture Grow and Restore Masque (applied it from roots to end, and let it penetrate under a hooded dryer for 15 minutes) BTW I am wearing a plastic grocery bag lol, I ran out of plastic hair caps, don’t judge!
  • Last stop in this step: rinse, dry and moisturize! Voila! Your hair is ready.




Step 2: Braid

Here is a pretty simple and cool tutorial video on how you can braid your hair yourself.

Step 3: Accessorize and rock your Braids!


I hope you love it! Let me know in the comment section what you think, and also if you have any question, don’t hesitate! Love y’all




Hey loves!

Here is a super cute and easy post in which I share a casual sporty outfit I rocked last summer, in hopes that it will warm up your day a little!

Coucou Mes Amours! Je vous présente ici un look super mignon et facile à réaliser. C’était un de mes préférés l’été dernier et j’espère qu’il va vous apporter un peu de chaleur estivale!


What we have here is an athletic look centered around a simple bodycon dress. Given that the accessories I had picked for the day were already in rich vivid tones ( Burgundy purse and cap, plus Salmon/coral sneakers), I figured a white dress would keep the look balanced.

IL s’agit la d’un look centré sur une robe bodycon sur un style athlétique. Vu que les accessoires que j’avais prévu pour l’occasion étaient sur des tons très riches (Sac et casquette Rouge bordeau et des basket couleur Saumon), j ai donc opté pour une robe blanche, histoire de ne pas trop saturer le look. 

Screen Shot 2017-03-14 at 11.14.43 PM

Screen Shot 2017-03-14 at 11.28.59 PM


White Sleeveless BlazerWhite Bodycon Dress










Burgundy PurseCoral NikeBurgundy Baseball Cap




I hope you loved this cute little some-some, and that it may get you inspired for an easy effortless look. As for me, I can’t wait for the sunny days to bring back the sporty mama vibe! Until next time loves. Don’t forget to leave me your feedback (Like, comment, follow, share do it all!)

J’espère que vous avez aimé ce petit quelque chose. Et j’ose aussi espérer que vous avez pu trouver une bonne petite inspiration pour un look super facile. En ce qui me concerne, j’ai juste hâte the resortir ce côté “maman sport” d’ici là que les beaux jours reviennent! A très bientôt mes amours. 






Hey lovelies,

I hope your day is going great, because mine is going perfect! So much so that it put me in the happiest mood…to make a great announcement! Some of you may be shocked, while I know others who will start tearing up, simply overjoyed. Childbearing is such an incredibly beautiful experience…

Screen Shot 2017-03-07 at 12.07.24 AM


Screen Shot 2017-03-07 at 12.26.08 AM


I bet I almost got you ahaha… I just felt in a mood to share one of the happiest experiences in my life: my pregnancy with my first child.

How can I say it? It was a pretty hectic roller coaster of emotions, moods and extras! To be brutally honest, I had a love/hate relationship with the whole being pregnant thing.

Let me guess, your first burning question: how did you know you were pregnant?

We’ve all been through the “pregnancy scare” right? when we count the days to our next period with the biggest anxiety load fearing that there might be a baby on the way, and we make the victory dance when we spot the stain, y’all know what I’m talking about!! if you don’t shame on you! lol, I’m just kidding.


Screen Shot 2017-03-07 at 1.16.58 AM.png

Well, I always thought that the day I will find out I’m pregnant would be either a “pregnancy scare” leading to a “pregnancy? yes!” or us trying for a baby and getting the good news after a missed period. It was actually the opposite of both: an unexpected discovery after a stress-free wait for the next period.

What actually happened…

Ok enough with my verbiage. One day before my expected period, I asked babe to bring me a sandwich, and he made me one of my favorite with strawberry preserve. I was enjoying the whole thing until I got a sickening feeling of onion in my mouth (keep in mind I can’t stand the feeling of onion, it’s been like that since I was a kid); it drove me straight to the toilet, and made me super nauseous for the rest of the day. I got super pissed at him for bringing me a sandwich in a plate that had onions, and he was so confused, because there was no trace of onion anywhere, he just kept apologizing regardless, and even brought me some milk. But nothing seemed to stop the sick feeling. The next day, there was no sign of any period coming, not even my usual cramping, moodiness, and fatigue. And Oh,I had one of the weirdest pregnancy dreams (story for another day).  So the next morning, I sent babe to the pharmacy to get a test…the rest is history!

Screen Shot 2017-03-07 at 1.37.51 AM.png

Yes, I said it before that it was a love/hate relationship, a roller coaster, and all. But really, it was the best thing that ever happened to me! The simple thought of carrying a human being inside is just surreal, and no amount of sickness, stress, or hormone burst can take that away.

What I loved the most were our intimate moments, when I would talk to my baby and he would respond with kicks, and rolls…priceless!!



Plus, I felt a sense of maturity, as I decided the new responsibility attached to being a mom. I learned that my life had to change for the best, there was no more making excuses for what seemed beyond reach, because I had to start training to lead by example. And of course, I enjoyed the preggo glow, the boobiliciousness, the free pass to all sort of food cravings, the extended lazy days lol, and the overwhelming attention and affection .

Let me take you through some of my most memorable preggo days…

3 months: My graduation


6 months: My “maternity fashion” debuts, ahah!



7 Months: It’s getting real, belly button poked out!


8 months: M.B.A baby loves school


…nesting is starting with a kick of energy



Stepping into 9 months like…


…and my “ready to pop” face


Every pregnancy is different, but certain things are just a staple

If you are my preggo twin, here some of the things you may experience.

[All-day] Morning sickness.

Screen Shot 2017-03-07 at 1.31.37 AM

You can try a wide range of home remedies. My case was pretty severe, to the point where it needed medical intervention. Always have an open and transparent talk with your doctor. That’s the only way for yo to really know your best and SAFEST options!

[Intense] Fatigue

Screen Shot 2017-03-07 at 1.32.55 AM

I felt it all throughout the pregnancy, except around the end, when I had a sudden burst of energy when I entered the “nesting” phase. The best way you can cope with it is by listening to your body. Take several naps through the day, even if they only last 15 minutes…or 3 hours! Make adjustments in your schedule: you can put some activities on hold (based on their level of importance in your life) for you to resume them after birth. It will leave you room to rest.

Recurring Heartburns

Screen Shot 2017-03-07 at 1.37.03 AM

Did you know? Experiencing heartburn during pregnancy means that you are carrying a hairy baby? Well, it seems to be pretty accurate, because my CJ was born with a head full of hair. Here again, I will advice you to talk to your doctor. Mine gave me the OK for heartburn relieving medication, to cope with the discomfort and the sickness that it was triggering. And drinking milk also helped!


Food craving, they’re a classic! Get set and EAT.


Screen Shot 2017-03-07 at 2.29.39 AM

Anxiety during pregnancy is totally normal! You will be flooded by a bunch of questions on your ability to handle pregnancy, your changing body, your unexplainable emotional shenanigans, fear of child birth, motherhood. That’s enough to drive one crazy! And we don’t want that for you, baby needs a sane mama.  There are simple steps you can take to help ease it out.

  • Get prepared: Anxiety will leave you powerless. Regain your power by documenting yourself on what seems unclear, uncertain, unfamiliar. If you can, take some birth classes. Better yet, try caring for a new born if you have friend or relatives with babies.
  • Face your fears: You cannot change what you don’t acknowledge. Identify the fears burning your head: are you scared of having a c-section? What if your water breaks in the middle of nowhere? Is the pain going to be unbearable? Write down what it is that’s actually freaking you out and tackle them one at the time. Voice them out, either to yourself, to your partner, a friend, relative, or your doctor.
  • Unplug: Take time to relax, meditate and breathe. A bowl of fresh air goes a long way. You can take a short walk around the block, jog a bit if you are at that level, or go hike a mountain when you get the opportunity. I remember coming down from Kennesaw Mountain top refreshed as if I had literally left my worries up there. Read, pray, sing, dance, do it all! That’s the time for you to be extra as you feel!
  • Rest, Rest and Rest! Lack of sleep will aggravate anxiety, so rest. It will improve your mood, reveal your radiance, and help you make some reserve before baby comes (trust me you will miss your sleep)
  • Focus on the end result: I remember coming across a Pinterest post saying “No matter what the process, pregnancy is meant to come to an end” Boy oh boy, this post changed my life! Whenever I would start feeling anxious about labor, I kept it as a reminder and my fear sort of vanished, you should try. Keep in mind the reason why you decided to go through it; at the end of it all, you will get to meet your little bundle of joy, grab and kiss hi/hers precious cheeks, hands, thighs, and toes…visualize yourself holding that precious baby.




That closes today’s post! Thank you for tuning in, I hope you enjoyed a good fun and informative rad. Please leave me your feedback, and don’t hesitate to post your questions and/or personal experience highlights on the comment section. Stay blessed lovelies!






Hi Loves! Last month, my sweet baby C.J turned ONE! Yes!!! Given our busy schedules and all the stuff we were dealing with, his dad and I decided to wait until late February to throw him a decent first birthday party, which actually happened to be a combined party for him and his dad, since dad is a member of the  #FebruaryGang lol.

Well, on Sunday mama took matters in her own hands and played “Event planner”. Actually, she started way before Sunday!

Screen Shot 2017-03-06 at 11.53.14 PM.png

Since we were celebrating the men in my life, I picked a theme centered on “Gentlemen”, because that’s just what they are: my gentlemen!

What comes in mind when you think about gentlemen? Well I see: helper, kind, polite, elegant, clean, bow tie, polished, mustache, etc

Screen Shot 2017-03-01 at 1.22.19 PM.png

With that in mind, I went ahead and researched budget friendly decorations and accessories with a Black/Gold color scheme to give the whole party decor a touch of sophistication.

Here’s what I used:

As for the highlight of any kids party, I am talking about the cake, I had the pleasure to work along side Mrs Darcy Lynn from Cakes by Darcy, a super cute bakery nestled in the heart of Roswell. The ordering process was super smooth, and I was so happy to FINALLY find someone who understood my vision instantly without asking me thousands of questions lol! Also, they helped me greatly price-wise, which was a plus, given that the budget was not unlimited!



And Oh?! Did I mention that she loved my design so much that she actually made it a template?? I was so honored!


As you can see, the cake is kinda tying the whole theme together, marrying the black/gold color scheme with the gentlemen theme. And here is a sneak peek at the party!
Be mindful that It might get you hungry!
















A word of advice, make sure you plan some good entertainment for the kids to stay busy and active. For us, CJ’s ball pit did the trick…until they all crashed into his room ahaha!


I hope you loved it, thank you for reading!

Please leave me your feedback below and few design ideas.


Also I’m curious to know? what was the theme on your child’s first birthday? did you include any games and other entertainment?